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Things You Didn’t Know About Joey Batey (Jaskier)

By admin1
November 9,2020

‘Toss a coin to your Witcher, O Valley of Plenty, Toss a coin to your Witcher.’

These are some of the most memorable lines of the song which is sung by Joey Batey or Jaskier, a bard and also the companion of the Witcher, Geralt of Rivia in the renowned Witcher universe. There’s no doubt that Jaskier is one of the most entertaining characters of the Witcher universe who cracks up witty jokes and also comes up with songs praising the chronicles of Witcher.

But this is the man who gave soul to the character of Jaskier, in the popular Netflix show, The Witcher. The role of Jaskier was indeed a significant breakthrough for the most talented Joey Batey who was known for his active presence in the show business reprising the parts of an actor, musician and also a lyricist.

He is a real-life musician

He started his career as a musician, and that truly justifies the role of bard he is playing in the Witcher and has already created an enormous fan base. Right from his college days, his interest and talent in music were laudable, and he became a popular figure with the ‘Good Clean Men’ musical show.


Acting Career

Years later he made his screen appearance playing the role of Dixie in ‘Murder on the Home Front’ which turned out to be a decent thriller. After he was also a part of several British television shows taking up the small but significant roles. He also made his film debut with ‘The Riot Club’.

His big break: The Witcher

Jaskier is a talented musician, a free-spirited character who sticks with the legendary Geralt of Rivia no matter what all dangers come on his way. The fans loved their chemistry, bonding and bromance all over the show and hoping to see it more in the upcoming seasons.

Not just ‘Toss a coin to the Witcher’, his other songs too, like ‘Her Sweet Kiss’ went on to become a massive hit in the jukebox of many fans all over the world. Since the first season was just a beginning, we are hoping to see more of those Jaskier moments that we enjoyed where he ultimately softens the mood with his quirky dialogues and more songs to entertain. Joey Batey was undoubtedly the right pick and being a promising actor and musician we will get to witness more from him in the upcoming seasons of the Witcher.

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