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Sommer Ray’s Salty Rear Perfect For OnlyFans

By admin1
March 15,2021

Sommer Ray’s salty rear is just too hot to handle and her fans are demanding her to do OnlyFans! The influencer and fitness model recently headed to the beach for a quick getaway and her bikini photos did not disappoint. In her bikini photo series, the curvaceous fitness guru is hugging a coconut tree while wearing a bikini that barely covered her goodies. The photo quickly got over a million likes but fans want even more!!


She is not just an influencer who waits for free stuff to be sent her way. This girl boss has endorsements left and right! She has also built her own fitness clothing brand, which has been doing very well. In an interview with Forbes, Sommer shared that she has big dreams:

“I just want to promote a healthy, natural lifestyle. I’m really against plastic surgery and all that stuff. I’m also trying to grow my business. I’m trying to become a business woman.”

Success hasn’t been easy for Sommer because like any other online personality, she has been the recipient of many hate comments. In one interview, she shared that she has been bullied since high school and even had to leave school. Sommer has learned to hold her head high and brush off the negativity. She made sure her haters know how she feels about them too!

Taking a break from all the hard work she’s been doing, the influencer-turned-entrepreneur found time to go to the beach with her friends. She quickly updated her 25.8 million followers and posted a series of bikini pics.

In true Sommer style, her beach posts were sizzling hot! The model cozied up to a coconut tree and worked it. She was wearing a tan-colored bikini that was barely covering her assets. Her skin was glowing, her skin salty and her eyes were romantic.

“i’m salty 😇”, Sommer wrote alongside her bikini photos.

She also made sure to arch her back and show off her best asset! Fans just couldn’t help but get excited in the comments section.

“sommer ray is the baddest 🥴”, one person commented.

“So hot to handle”, another fan said.

“You got an onlyfans?”, another fan inquired.

Sommer is definitely a pro in creating hot content but until now, she hasn’t started an OnlyFans account. Fans are crossing their fingers that she will soon!


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