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Seven times when Tony learned from his own mistakes and made his suits better

By admin1
July 3,2022

Without his suit, what is Tony Stark? In his own words, he’s a genius, billionaire, playboy,
and philanthropist. But one thing that many people have missed is his ability to learn from his mistakes. He knows his suits are not flawless and need an upgrade every time he faces

Here’s a list of instances when Tony learned from his shortcomings and improved his suit
and the general tech around him.

He makes his suit lightning rechargeable in Avengers after Whiplash damages it in Iron man 2

During the fight with Whiplash in Iron man 2, Tony’s ‘suitcase suit’ can save him but gets
damaged beyond repairs. To counter Whiplash, Tony upgrades his next suit to recharge
using the electrical lashes. This change also helps in his stand-off with Thor in Avengers.

He adds back thrusters in Avengers after failing to defend himself in Iron Man 2

Till Iron Man 2, Tony had to do a lot of multitasking. He was fighting and flying
simultaneously, using his hand thrusters. In his second suit in Avengers, he adds thrusters to his back too, to stabilize himself during a fight.

He added a body heater in the Spidey suit when his suit got frozen in Iron Man 3

When Tony gets lost in the snowstorm in Iron Man 3, his new suit malfunctions due to the
cold weather, and he has to drag his suit miles in the freezing storm. After this, he installs a body warmer in every suit, even in the suit he made for Peter. When Peter almost drowned in Spiderman: Homecoming, Tony saves him remotely from India. Tony has made a lot of tech in the MCU better, whether it’s part of his suit or not.

He uses little thrusters in Spiderman: homecoming after taking a nuclear missile into space

During the New York attack, Tony had to manually guide the nuclear missile to space during
the Battle of New York to destroy the Chitauri. He nearly faced death due to the adventure
and gave a scare to the rest of his teammates. Learning not to do everything himself, Tony
developed little thrusters to do the manual task. And they came in handy when he had to
save Peter Parker and a ferry full of civilians.

He uses detachable blasters in Infinity War after failing to control Hulk in the Age of Ultron

The fight between Hulk and Tony in his Hulkbuster suit was a great spectacle to watch. But it did cause a lot of property damage around them. Tony realized if he needed to control the enemy and win a fight quickly, he needed to attack from many fronts. That’s why you see him using detachable blasters in the first fight of Infinity War.

Making a seamless Nano-Tech suit in Infinity War after Antman got into his suit in The Civil war

Speaking of the first fight of Infinity War, the suit that Tony uses gets created using
Nanobots. During the Civil War airport fight scene, Ant-Man shrinks down and goes inside
Tony’s suit within the seams. Learning from this incident, Tony creates one of the
best-looking Iron Man suits, also seamless from nanotechnology.

He includes melee weapons in Infinity War after losing to Captain America and Bucky in Civil War

Iron Man suit had always been a weapon-loaded machine. Tony’s best fight strategy is to
keep a distance between him and his target and blast them using his weapons. But he was
at a disadvantage in Civil War when he had to go against Cap and Bucky (Both
hand-to-hand combat experts). He upgraded his suit with many melee weapons, which is
possible using nanotechnology. And they were extremely useful when he squared off against Thanos on Titan.

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