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See Gal Gadot In A Bathrobe And Sexy Sunglasses

By admin1
August 18,2022

Gal Gadot is one of the biggest movie stars in the world. That is an incontestible fact. After Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman 1984, Death on the Nile, Red Notice, (and not to mention a breakout role in the Fast and Furious franchise), Gal Gadot is really at the pinnacle of Hollywood success. But just like any one of us normal people, Wonder Woman sometimes likes to chill out in a big fluffy white bathrobe, put on some chunky black sunglasses, and talk about what she wants to eat today. In Gal Gadot’s case, she did so via social media so we can all see for ourselves. Check it out:

This video on Gal Gadot’s incredibly popular Instagram (85.7 million followers, which is more than the entire population of Germany) is actually pulled from her equally popular TikTok. It shows the Israeli actor relaxing in said bathrobe and sunglasses, lip-syncing along to a popular audio from the video platform. In this particular case, Gal Gadot ostentatiously acts along to the statement “Today I wanted a croissant, so I went to a place that sells croissant” and then takes an enormous bite of a deliciously flaky French crescent pastry. That actual audio is courtesy of Montreal-based TikTok creator Laura Gouillon, who seems understandably delighted that one of the biggest movie stars in the world would find and use her work.


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The “Today I wanted a croissant” audio that Gal Gadot is using in this particular post is one of those things that are difficult to describe exactly why they are funny and stick around, but that is the world of online content for you. However, it is definitely accentuated by Gal Gadot exaggeratedly acting along to the very basic statement of desire for a baked good and then the success of achieving purchase of said baked good.

Gal Gadot is next set to star in the live-action remake of Disney’s Snow White, in which she will play the Evil Queen. This will be a turn for Gal Gadot, who is not known for playing villainous characters, though she is definitely known for being a strong contender for the fairest of them all. It is not known whether this particular version of the fairy-tale will sympathize the villain in the same way as Maleficient and Cruella, or whether Gal Gadot is just going to go straight-up evil, but either way, it should be interesting to see.

Along with Gal Gadot, Snow White will star West Side Story’s Rachel Zegler as the title character and Andrew Burnap in an original new role. The movie has already come under some controversy, with acclaimed actor Peter Dinklage criticizing it for continuing stereotypes of dwarf actors. In addition to Snow White, Gal Gadot will be starring alongside Jamie Dornan in the upcoming spy thriller Heart of Stone. Reportedly, she will also be returning to the role of Wonder Woman, but development for a third movie seems to have stalled. At least for now, she has a croissant.


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