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See Alexandra Daddario Hop Out Of Bed To Model Two-Pieces

By admin1
August 18,2022

We keep pretty good tabs on what Alexandra Daddario is up to, and we are very rarely disappointed by the Percy Jackson star. On this particular day, we are not only not disappointed, but positively elated to see that Alexandra Daddario has taken to social media to post a video of herself modeling a number of very attractive two-piece outfits. In fact, she seems so excited to check herself out in some of these mostly skintight outfits that she hopes straight out of bed to do so. See for yourself:

The Instagram post from Alexandra Daddario is actually a video and has been tagged as a paid partnership with Aerie, a clothing brand owned by American Eagle. The brand is mostly known for its lingerie and sleepwear (Aerie = American Eagle lingeRIE, get it?), but also has been expanding into loungewear and active fits. That is what Alexandra Daddario is mostly showing off in the short video, though the line between underwear and casual outfits is pretty thin these days.

The video begins with a cheery-looking Alexandra Daddario looking maniacally cheerfully as she checks her phone in bed. Things quickly turn sad when she checks out her drab and baggy outfit in a full-length mirror. However, through the magic of editing, Alexandra Daddario’s outfits quickly change into a series of Aerie-brand sexy two-pieces. On the third outfit, a pale blue halter top and trunk bottoms, paired with a loose denim jacket, she steps out into the world to begin her day in another series of magically changing looks.

Alexandra Daddario’s other outfits include a skimpy olive-green bra paired with camouflage trousers and a hot pink crop-top with tan pants (and just a hint of matching hot pink underwear). She struts down the street with a model-ready walk and a very broad smile, seemingly delighted with her own outfits quickly cycling on and off her body. The editing of the video is rapid and energetic, and honestly, it is just always a delight to see Alexandra Daddario doing her thing.

Alexandra Daddario’s next upcoming project is starring in Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches. The AMC program will feature her as Rowan Mayfair, a beautiful and troubled doctor drawn back to her ancestral home in New Orleans. This being an Anne Rice-related project, there is a lot of gothic romance, dark sexuality, and hidden secrets to the Mayfair clan (spoiler: they’re witches). Jack Huston is starring as the immortal spirit Lasher, while Harry Hamlin co-stars as the family patriarch Cortland Mayfair.

AMC recently acquired the rights to adapt the late gothic fantasy writer’s works for television and seems set on creating a shared Anne Riceverse. The Alexandra Daddario-led Mayfair Witches will follow an adaptation of the author’s most famous work, Interview with the Vampire; the two projects will almost certainly crossover at some point, as the characters from both the Mayfair books and the Vampire Chronicles have done so. If that means more Alexandra Daddario, that makes us happy.


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