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Salma Hayek All Curves For Hot Dog Pole Dance

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February 20,2021

Salma Hayek is proving jalapeño hot dogs do a girl good, and she’s pole dancing to prove it. The 54-year-old actress made her Friday Instagram update a very active and eye-catching affair, posting a diner boomerang for her 17.4 million followers and wowing them with the curves, plus a mouth-watering caption to match. Salma, who kicked 2021 off with a string of bikini thirst traps, was back to captivating the ‘Gram here, but it wasn’t your average post. Check it out below

Girl Likes To Eat

Scroll for the video, one that racked up over 100,000 views before the post was an hour old. Salma, who made 2020 headlines for showcasing her perfect breakfast tacos, complete with an egg topping, was today shouting out American fast-food and her appetite for it. Spicy hot dogs had been consumed just before the video was shot, per Hayek, with the “Frida” star posting a killer, all-black spandex look to highlight her curves as she whirled around a pole all in sneakers.

Keep Scrolling For The Video!

Salma, in tight black yoga pants and a likewise clingy matching t-shirt, hiked one leg up onto a red glossy stool by a black pole, seen near spotted counters with the Coca-Cola logo and whipping her hair and body around. The Mexican then took to her caption to explain what was going on, writing:

“My version of pole dancing 💃🏽 after eating a hotdog with jalapeños. Mi versión de baile de barra después de comerme un 🌭 con jalapeños. #poledancing #hotdog.”

See The Pole Dance!

Salma, who has stated that she “loves a little curve” and had hers fully on show today, now sees keen fans filling the comments section. “AMERICANO VIBES 😍👏,” one wrote. The video also comes as the star makes headlines for defending her marriage to billionaire husband François-Henri Pinault, a man worth an estimated $44 billion.

Seeming to further clap back at the haters, Salma then shared a rare beach photo of herself examining 13-year-old daughter Valentina’s back. See the touching caption after the video.


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Rare Family Share

Salma, who made 2020 headlines for the above photo showing a pool stack and featuring her family, updated ahead of the weekend following “Armchair Expert” podcast host Dax Shepherd mentioning her “rich guy” husband. The windswept beach shots came with Hayek in a plunging tank and the star writing:

“Guess what I’m doing? ……….. what every mother learns to do sooner or latter [sic],” as she also offered a Spanish translation.

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