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Ryan Gosling Hopes Avengers Directors Can Manifest His MCU Role

By admin1
July 17,2022

Both on Disney+ and in theatres, Phase 4 of the MCU has introduced a plethora of new characters and plots. But now that The Marvels, the final MCU movie with a set release date, is only a year away, new announcements are about to happen and are anticipated at San Diego Comic-Con and D23 Expo. While reports have been circulating over John Krasinski’s position as Mr. Fantastic and who would portray Wolverine, curiosity is also intensifying regarding Ryan Gosling’s potential MCU role.

Gosling addressed talk of his being featured as Richard Rider when he addressed the Nova rumors and admitted his curiosity in portraying Ghost Rider during promotion for the brothers’ most recent movie.

Ryan Gosling wants his MCU Feature Manifested

Ryan Gosling recently revealed his desire to portray the MCU’s Ghost Rider. When he confirmed his desire to join the franchise to Extra, the actor made reference to the Russo Brothers and his part as Ken in Barbie, stating, “I hope they can materialize this MCU thing:”

Gosling said he expects “there’s a balance” when asked if he is more of a Gray Man or a Ken doll.

Has Ryan Gosling already been Cast in the MCU?

Even if Gosling’s position in the MCU is uncertain, there are some things to take note of.

First of all, assuming Gosling is an avid follower of the MCU, it is likely that a debate regarding the prospective intentions for Ghost Rider and Nova has already taken place.

Second, a number of actors who are new to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) have admitted to calling directors or other actors in the company to ask for advice on how to get started in the MCU and for assistance in choosing a role. The Russo Brothers and Gosling are probably familiar with any negotiations he may have had with Marvel Studios.

And last, the fact that Gosling publicly declared his desire to work with Marvel Studios suggests that the studio has contacted him. Following remarks like these, it is logical to assume that Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige will call the actor shortly if he hasn’t already.

Perhaps The Gray Man marks the only beginning of the collaboration between Russo and Gosling.


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