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Nicole Scherzinger Reveals Her Bikini Body As She Dances In Jacuzzi

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June 2,2022

Nicole Scherzinger once again proves she has the curves to pull off any bikini look! She may have gained a worldwide following as the lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls, but there is no mistaking that Nicole Scherzinger has the beauty and body that easily could have transitioned to a runway or two in another life.

Looking ever bit the cover model, she recently shared with her 5.3 million fans a fun video of herself looking absolutely stunning! With sunset skies and seas behind, Nicole danced with Thom Evans while standing in a jacuzzi, showcasing her toned body in a mauve bikini that excited her fans. At 43 years of age, she is living her best life and we are all here for the ride!

That’s right – Nicole is a Hawaii girl! Born in Honolulu, she moved with her family to Louisville, Kentucky and she was raised there.

Nicole Scherzinger

Scherzinger caught the artistic vibe early on in life, and while attending a performing arts high school, she won the Coca-Cola Classic Talent Contest and then began performing throughout the greater Louisville area.

 Once she graduated from high school, Nicole went on to attend Wright State University where she majored in theater arts. But it was while there that she met one of her first true tastes of Hollywood success.

While still studying for her theater arts degree at Wright State University, Nicole joined the first season of the WB’s television show Popstars in 2000. On the show, Nicole battled against several other contestants before emerging victorious as the lead singer for the female pop group Eden’s Crush. This was her first taste of fame on a national level, but it would not be her last – not for a long shot!

It was finally with the supergroup Pussycat Dolls that Nicole Scherzinger finally broke through and became a household name. The group dominated pop music as a group for several years and still has some of the catchiest tracks in popular music. Initially, Nicole auditioned for the former burlesque group under the stage name of Nicole Kea. But now she is known around the world by her real name and still continues to appear on television and on music tracks. Her fans are waiting with anticipation for her next musical release!


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