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New Netflix’s The Witcher Trailer Features A Very Festive Geralt

By admin1
November 24,2020

The Witcher is feeling the festive spirit, and has released a new trailer which portrays Geralt as a lone wolf who wants very little to do with the excitements of the season.

Geralt? Grumpy and skeptical? Of events centering around family and togetherness? Cut him some slack, he’ll learn the ropes soon enough in the second season. After an explosive finale which brought the twisting timelines of all three characters together, Ciri found Geralt in the forests surrounding Sodden Hill. It’s thanks to Yennefer that they and the mages were able to fend off the Nilfgaardian invaders, but she suddenly disappeared, leaving nothing but scorched earth where she had let her powers loose.

Netflix shared some new photos of the trio in the second season, along with a short summary of what to expect in the future events. The Princess of Cintra has shed her meek shell, and appears to be training in swordfighting. Yennefer is alive, fortunately, but she’s worse for wear with her wrists clasped together in shackles. And, Geralt’s rocking a new set of especially chiseled armor which has gotten a lot of people in a flap and a fluster. Now that filming has safely started once again after a second outbreak of coronavirus on set, we might be seeing the show return to our screens in 2021.

In the meantime, Netflix has entertained us with new trailers made from the first season, and this one is “a bloody and brilliant ‘slay’ ride through the Continent.” Get it? Because “slay” and “sleigh” rhyme. In this trailer, it appears that Geralt has an evident dislike for the latter, and favours the former much more. To sum up, he’d be an utterly awful Christmas guest, until it came to carving the turkey. I bet he’d be especially efficient on that front. Then, he’d have the patience for crackers and a couple of rounds of Spoons.

The trailer features a number of locations from the first season, like the castle in Cintra, Stregobor’s tower in Blaviken, and the fortress in Temeria, decorated with flashing lights and candy canes. Roach has bells on their harness, and the assassin who attempted to kill Yennefer brings with him a bundle of presents. The stains of blood on the snow haven’t been airbrushed out for this trailer, so I think that this version is scarier than the sight of a twitching krallach.

Though Jaskier and Mousesack try to encourage Geralt to get involved, it’s clear that he and the other characters are much more suited to the chaos and gore of The Continent, than carols and gift-giving. I mean, it’s the Law of Surprise that caused a lot of the mess that Geralt, Ciri, and Yennefer will navigate in the next season. We’ve also gotten the briefest of glimpses at new monsters in another trailer, but we’ll save you the spoilers…


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