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MCU Producer Reveals Original Plan for Brie Larson In Ms. Marvel

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July 17,2022

Ms. Marvel introduced the MCU to a novel type of hero. Iman Vellani’s Kamala Khan is not just a Muslim adolescent of Pakistani ancestry but also a passionate fan of the Avengers, notably Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel. Following her own dramatic origin in her six-episode Disney+ series, many people predicted one of Ms. Marvel’s new allies would make an appearance on television. The Marvels will include Carol Danvers and Monica Rambeau alongside Ms. Marvel next year.

After much anticipation, Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel made a brief appearance in the post-credits teaser of Ms. Marvel’s finale, setting up their team-up in The Marvels.

Many people undoubtedly weren’t surprised by The Avenger’s visit, but the majority were hoping to see her actually interact with Kamala before their big-screen team-up next year.

Ms. Marvel Producer Reveals Early Caption Marvel Plans

Producer of Ms. Marvel Bisha K. Ali recently discussed the original concept for Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel in the Disney+ series during an interview with Variety.

Larson’s presence in the post-credit scene was initially explained by the MCU producer, who said that “Kamala doesn’t morph into Carol.” The two swapped places, as many had speculated, which is a “significant distinction” given that Kamala has previously transformed into Danvers in comic books.

Many people had previously hypothesized that Kamala had changed into Captain Marvel, but it always seemed improbable given Carol’s surprise while seeing the photographs of her covering the walls.

Why Caption Marvel’s Cameo was the Right Call?

Kamala Khan and Carol Danvers first met in Ms. Marvel #17 of the Marvel Comics, by which time the teenage hero had already made a name for herself. The two immediately established a mentor-mentee connection after meeting during an Invasion between two realities.

This decision was ultimately the perfect one for the comics since it permitted Kamala to grow into a hero before getting to meet her idol. Although Captain Marvel serves as Ms. Marvel’s primary inspiration and is essential to her origin story, that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t have her own storyline and development.

Since Danvers could have easily handled the dangers Kamala was facing, adding Captain Marvel too early in the narrative would have diminished Ms. Marvel’s standing as a hero. The presence of a prominent Avenger would have entirely distracted the audience from Iman Vellani’s new hero, not to mention, it would have ruined the suspense.

Fans will now be curious to find out where Ms. Marvel has suddenly appeared in the cosmos as well as how Captain Marvel responds to her abrupt appearance in the Khan family’s house. Secret Invasion might make reference to Rambeau’s recent tease that she will be meeting Nick Fury in space.

The Marvels, which opens in theatres on July 28, 2023, will feature this group of upcoming renowned female heroes.

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