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MCU Phase 5: Russo Brothers Reveal Their Desires for Upcoming Marvel Movies

By admin1
July 17,2022

The MCU’s Phase 4 is well under way and has been incredibly successful thus far, with Ms. Marvel coming to a close, Thor: Love and Thunder destroying the box office, and She-Hulk: Attorney at Law on the horizon. The MCU creative team, led by Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, has done a fantastic job of straying from the formula.

Each project gradually develops into something quite special that is tailored just to the personalities it depicts.

Marvel fans are excited to learn more about the prospective projects that are in the works, even if there are still a great deal of Phase 4 projects that have yet to be published. There are many different theories regarding how the Multiverse will be affected by Kang the Conqueror, how the Fantastic Four and X-Men will be presented, and most importantly, what great threat will bring the Avengers back together.

Russo Brothers’ Phase 5 Dreams

Directors Joe and Anthony Russo were questioned about their preferences for Phase 5 MCU films and television programmes in a video that Variety just posted on Twitter. Their reply? “More of what they’re doing” combined with “more exploration, adventure, and experimentation:”

What to Expect in MSU’s Phase 5?

Anthony’s mention of “experimentation” and Joe’s mentioning of “risks” are related. Phase 4’s willingness to deviate from the conventional formula has maybe been its most admirable quality (and a significant factor in its ongoing success). While the two Guardians of the Galaxy movies from the Infinity Saga stood out from the rest, there was nothing near to the kind of artistic testing Part 4 has concocted.

Emmy-nominated programmes like Moon Knight and Loki demonstrate Marvel Studios’ ability to create outstanding television. When comparing those programmes (or one that is more grounded, like The Falcon and the Winter Soldier), the diversity in casting and aesthetic is very clear. Prior to Phase 4, nothing came close to Moon Knight’s psychological drama or Ms. Marvel’s tendency to occasionally resemble a teen comedy-drama like Awkward rather than a superhero programme.

All of this serves to highlight the fact that the Russos are well aware of how this change in focus has made MCU products more accessible and, in many aspects, more true to their original source.

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