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Massimiliano Allegri Storms Off the Pitch Swearing at his Juventus Players 

By admin1
September 24,2021

Juventus manager Massimiliano Allegri was spotted shouting and cursing at his players before storming off the pitch in reaction to the 1-1 draw against AC Milan on Sunday.

In the aforementioned clip, Massimiliano is alleged to have grilled at his players if they ‘even want to play for Juventus’, with a handful of Italian outlets claiming he said ‘you are playing for Juventus’ in a fuming, annoyed tone.

It’s safe to say Allegri channeled his frustration into the post-match press meeting as well.

“I’m angry tonight,” the 54-year-old told DAZN. “We had a good first half, in the second half we risked losing it. Until the 1-1, we were in full control.”

“What makes me angry are the final 15 minutes. We should’ve suffered more, be ready to fight tooth and nail. At the moment you can’t look at being aesthetically beautiful, you just take the result, even if it’s ugly.”

Massimiliano has made an apathetic approach to start life back at The Old Lady, with Juventus failing to bag any of their first four league matches, which never happened in the last 60 years.

The match essentially displayed the shortcoming faced by Allegri and his side. After leading the inside for the first five minutes with Álvaro Morata counter-attacking, the Italian giants sailed smoothly thereafter. 

Although supporters usually share their manager’s frustrations, many criticized Allegri after the match, while mentioning that decision to substitute Paulo Dybala as the underlying cause for them losing the match.

“I will admit that I made mistakes on the substitutions,” Allegri apologized. “I got it wrong. I should have put more defensive players on and put the 1-0 lead under lock and key, so I apologize for that.”

Despite apologizing for his substitutions, Allegri parted with the press conference after pointing at his players, whom he said are responsible for their poor start at the campaign.

“I know you, lot love, talking about tactical systems,” he snapped. “But when you are in front with 15 minutes to go, having practically not allowed Milan any shots on target, the system is irrelevant. You can be disorganized but you need to be determined.”

“If we take this attitude, it’s unlikely we can win the league.”

It is yet to be seen if Allegri’s comments shall produce an effect when Juventus faces Spezia.

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