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Major Differences Between The Witcher Books And Series

By admin1
November 10,2020

The Witcher, like many famous medieval or magical series, is derived from a famous novel and adapts most of the storyline from it. The video games made on this series also added to the fame, and fans were doubtful at the start. Now the season one is in the books, and fans worldwide have gone wild over it. Interest for The Witcher is on the rise, and like many other adaptations, there are some fundamental differences between books and representation. Let’s dive right into it.

1. Yenefer’s BackStory

While the Netflix show puts the deserving focus on all three main characters – Geralt, Ciri, and Yenefer. The web series progresses fluently and focuses on separate life stories of all three and how they are pushed on to the same path near the end of season one.

Whereas the book focuses much on the story of Geralt the Witcher, they don’t mention much about the life of yenefer. Her story only appears in glimpses, and fans won’t realize the difference until they read the novel.

2. Gruesome Sorcerer Ritual

Show makers rely on the power of visual effects, and that’s why there is a stark difference between the ritual of sorceress being sent to the court. In the show, it is presented that magical proceedings would give sorceress complete physical transformation and slaying looks, but in return, their uteruses are clipped off surgically.

The book follows a sort of infertility angle too, but there’s no surgical operation or such gruesomeness.

3. Character Of Calanthe

Anyone who has watched the series is evident in Queen Calnathe’s ferocious attitude and ruthless aggression. She takes charge like a ruler and puts her all in a while, saving her kingdom from Nilfgaard invasion. She is a leader who will rage war in front and also a Queen with a mean streak.

She is so fierce that she even orders a massacre of elvish blood, but the book differs at this point. Calanthe in the book doesn’t have such a vicious outlook, and she also belongs to the elvish blood herself.

4. Sodden Hill Battle

How we can ignore the season finale- the battle of Sodden Hill, in which we see defenders sacrifice everything the attack of Nilfgaard armies. The Series audience gets to see the detailed depiction of the battle and Ciri. It is a decisive moment in the show, and season one ends with its suspense. But on the other hand, the Sodden Hill event is not shown in the books. It is just mentioned at the places in the story and still plays a vital role in the plot.

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