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Kate Upton Shows How Pool Days ‘Look A Little Different’ Now

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June 2,2021

Kate Upton is showing Instagram how pool days “look a little different” for her “these days.” The 28-year-old Sports Illustrated model, who welcomed daughter Genevieve in November 2018, made her Memorial Day Weekend post a double-whammy, also a two-sided take on pool life.

Opening with a bombshell throwback from the height of her modeling career, Kate threw out the look that made her iconic, but it was a very different story with a swipe right as the Michigan native showed pool time with her toddler. Check it out below

Kate welcomed her first child with husband Justin Verlander, having since made headlines for needing to apologize after calling breastfeeding “sucking” the life out of her.

Kate Upton

Showing plenty of life in both images – just in very different ways – Upton first shared a poolside pose while in a retro and clingy swimsuit in gold, black, and white, going full glam amid pool waters and palms as she looked upwards towards the sun, also wearing shades.

The gorgeous blonde, whose opening photo was all golden tan and legs, then showed how a ;pool looks when you’re running after an under-3.

“Pool days look a little different these days…#FashionVsReality #Fbf,” the caption read, with the second photo showing Kate plonked on a stripey pool floatie and with her little one on her lap. The much less glamorous photo came with Kate bikini-clad in black, also laughing as her face was basically hijacked by her baby. See the reality after the glam.


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Quick to comment was baseball pitcher husband Justin, who wrote: “Love that reality.” Fans, meanwhile, were 100% for the reality: “Again reality looks so much better! So much love, so sweet!” one replied. One fan did ask: “Any regrets though?”

The “real” approach is one Upton has touched on publicly, last year telling Editorialist: “Women are bombarded with this push to be perfect all the time. We went from Photoshopping covers on magazines to Photoshopping our everyday lives—you know, a picture of you at the grocery store. It’s getting more extreme.”

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In 2020, and while being profiled by Health, Kate got to work shutting down the B.S. on weight loss. The blonde, who has been embracing her post-baby body, told the media outlet:

“The thing about focusing on your own journey and strength is that you see the results more quickly,” adding: “Instead of beating yourself up about the number on the scale, you notice when you get stronger. It’s a healthier mind-set, one that took me a while to get to. That’s really what I wanted to share with others.”

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