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Kaley Cuoco Squats Deep In Tight Kitchen Spandex

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February 10,2021

Kaley Cuoco is burning mad calories from her kitchen, bending over in skin-tight spandex and broadcasting it all to Instagram. The 35-year-old “Big Bang Theory” actress, known for her early morning workouts, today delivered her latest one, with footage of the sitcom star coming very DIY and from her $12 million Hidden Hills estate.

Kaley, followed by 6.4 million on Instagram, uploaded the mother of all workout videos on Tuesday, with most of it coming away from fancy equipment. Check it out below.


Scroll for the video, but don’t expect Kaley’s 32-year-old sister Briana Cuoco, seen above. The blonde, stepping out of her entertainment shoes and into her workout ones, kicked off power rowing with a pricey-looking machine complete with a screen, but it seemed far more budget friendly as the girl behind Penny took it near her refrigerators.

Kaley, seen in skin-tight black leggings, sneakers, plus a loose red tank, appeared with home-fashioned weights in each had, lunging and squatting like mad, even doing it on one leg.

The yoga queen, today ditching the gentle exercise for something that builds real muscle, highlighted her ripped frame and casual vibes by going with her hair loose, but it was solid muscle as fans saw Kaley’s insanely-strong legs.

She called the rowing machine something she has a “LOVE HATE RELATIONSHIP WITH,” with trainer Ryan Sorensen also getting tagged. Likewise mentioned were the “Darth Vader” sounds Kaley apologized for making while she burned mad sweat on the rower. See the video below!

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This wouldn’t be the first pandemic workout headline from Kaley, who famously clapped back at fans in September 2020 as she was slammed for jumping rope indoors and wearing a mask.

“For everyone and their mask comments. I wear a mask when I’m in an enclosed space around others, which I was. I also wear a mask when I’m outside around others,” Kaley responded, adding:

“I’m protecting myself and everyone around me,” she added. “That’s why I choose to wear a mask. Thanks for playing.” See more photos below!

New TV Series Gets Second Season

Kaley is still celebrating the success of new HBO Max series “The Flight Attendant,” one that sees her stepping away from comedy and into all things thriller. The Yes, Noman Productions-produced mini-series, with Kaley behind it all, first aired in November of last year, having since been green-lit for a second season.

“The Flight Attendant” forced Kaley into a 14-day mandatory quarantine for its NYC filming last summer, with the star then going into her third lock-down as she shot Kevin Hart’s new movie in Toronto, Canada.


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