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How Ahsoka’s Powers Compare To Luke’s In The Mandalorian

By admin1
September 27,2021

Since the Return of the Jedi, every fan of Star Wars are waiting for a glimpse of Luke Skywalker and as he sliced through his imperial nemesis, No one cared It is the Finale of the astonishing season two of one of the best shows in the world, The Mandalorian. The scene showed the new generation that why people are obsessed with this iconic character and what makes your father say that Luke Skywalker is the best Jedi in the whole Galaxy. Although the fight scene was exhilarating and clearly Luke showed some new moves the show The Mandalorian has some tricks up to their sleeves. Earlier that season they introduced a live-action version of Ashoka Tano, and who can give any Jedi an inferiority complex and winning many fan debates over who is the strongest Jedi?

The scene of returning of Luke is presented masterfully, the profound technical magic of VFX works like a poly juice potion and it brought us one of our favorite Jedi, but is more than just action scenes, the thought process behind it is intriguing indeed and shared by one of the creators and executive producer Filoni. He stated that they don’t want to present Luke as Over-the-top-skilled so they limited the character power-wise. He also stated that they wanted to put some subtext, as that all these years Luke had training, so his word fighting would be upgraded still it would follow the same basic.

On the other hand, Filoni provided a lucid image of Ashoka, as he stated that Ashoka’s techniques would be completely different and the subtext was that she had more training and knowledge and she is senior to Luke Skywalker. Even though the scenes had created some orgasmic fan moments on the show the unwitting comments by Filoni on Luke’s and Ashoka’s power is giving the same kind of feelings off the screen. Twitter is the best place for these kinds of debates and there are myriad versions of debates, most of them start with rational logic but then soon they transform into irrational name-calling and clash between the Star Wars and The Mandalorian’s Fandoms. Although most of the comments or debates,(Only considering the rational ones) suggest that the comment by Filoni was a little biased as Ashoka was created by him, and on the other side of the coin it is not not-true that Ashoka is senior to Luke, in accordance to the canonical timeline of Star wars event.

Also, the training sessions of Ashoka were more formal and significantly longer. Also, the show made sure that she had more knowledge about the Force. This is not just presented in one scene or through any dialogue. The back story of Ashoka stated that after she was discovered by Jedi Master Koon, and then she was taken to the Jedi temple and there she was trained with various knights and masters. It brings the innate Force powers within her, which is going to drive her to a grandiose Jedi life in the future.

Also In “The Phantom Menace” we learned even Anakin Skywalker was rejected due to being 8 years old which is too old for the secluded training of Jedi temple, so it is evident that before even Luke became the fortify he is now, Ashoka was a Formidable Jedi who was wandering the galaxy after the Clone Wars. The training process was first introduced to us through the “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”. In which she was an adolescent but only from age, she was already assigned as a “Padwan learner” for Anakin Skywalker. Her skills and courage were tested as she took part in the titular war and also she shows supreme splendor skills against Dark Vader in the “Star Wars Rebels”.

So even way before The Mandalorian Ashoka reached a Pro-level in Jedi context. Regardless of her knowledge, her fighting style is a paradigm for two-lightsaber combat style. She is the one who from her spiritual Force connection revealed the real name of Baby Yoda, Grogu. The facts from the Star Wars universe is adequate to state that Ashoka is a senior in most aspects, still, If you have a problem with understanding, think of it like this, Ashoka is an Ivy League scholar, Luke is also a Scholar but he got his degree from online classes, even from other universes it can be explained like Ashoka is Wolverine and Luke is Deadpool, without the dirty wit or sarcasm though. Or Ashoka is Dumbeldore and Luke is Harry potter the list can go on and on.

Although the fight scene which started this debate is a little mysterious and delivering babies of Fan theories every now and then. It is obvious that Luke has some new moves but we are familiar with his training by Obi-Wan Kenobi from the original trilogy and that was very limited and brief and that could be the base but Luke must be trained to slice those robotic Dark troopers of Moff Gideon’s. Her Lightsaber moves are way more dangerous than the famous “Overhead Caveman Swings” showed in Return of the Jedi. But the mystery lies within who taught him his new moves, where he is getting the training, is there any nepotism behind the upgraded moves.

It is also true that combat skills do not necessarily benchmark for stating who is the best Jedi, Darth Maul, a mere apprentice defeated the Qui-Gon-Jinn, and he was the fists fully manifested “Jedi Spirit”, and why wouldn’t be, He has facilitated his significant knowledge about living force and make the significant ascension in a trail-blazing grandiose manner.

The curve of Luke can be explained aptly by the statement given by Yoda to Qui-Gon, when he appears to teach him; the statement was; “A great Jedi Master you always were, but too blind I was to see it. Your apprentice, I gratefully become.” The thirty-year-old Luke Skywalker comes back on screen with more power should not be a matter of debate instead it should help the franchise to make more money and helps in the incessant supply of the drugs named Mandalorian or anything from Star Wars.

Also, this piece of writing regrets calling Luke an Online degree holder, he did have practical courses from the best, and He is indeed our hero, So He should open his own Jedi school and Ashoka can be invited as Guest Professor. And to the question of who is the best Jedi, there is never enough evidence and also people are too attached so to stop a war between fandom in the twitter-sphere, let’s say we all can agree to disagree.

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