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Gina Carano Still Continues To Mock Vaccines And Mail-In Votes In Her Tweets

By admin1
December 9,2020

The Mandalorian star Gina Carano managed to completely flip the script on her internet popularity this year. Her breakout role as Cara Dune on the hit Star Wars show brought her a whole new following, but over the past few months, the MMA fighter-turned-actress has become a divisive figure thanks to her frequent posts about hot political issues.

Carano has shared various messages, jokes and memes that have, among other things, backed Donald Trump’s claims of election fraud and called COVID-19 precautions unnecessary. Despite increasing backlash and even cries from fans to have Disney fire her from The Mandalorian, though, the actress is sticking to her guns and still firing off controversial opinions.

In her latest tweet, Carano blasts both the COVID-19 vaccine and mail-in votes at the same time. The words aren’t her own, but she retweeted the message with a crying laughing emoji.

It’s unknown at this point if all the controversy that Carano’s creating online has led to the studio either having a word with her or perhaps discussing what to do about it behind the scenes. Reports have said that Disney is considering ways of writing her out of the series in season 3, but whatever the case may be, it looks like she isn’t backing down and is continuing to speak her mind.

Of course, one of the earliest instances of Carano creating trouble online came when she updated her Twitter page to mock the inclusion of pronouns in people’s bios. This led to Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal having a private word with her about the importance of the trend. Following that, she removed the offensive joke and her and Pascal remain on good terms, as shown by the actor praising her in a recent Instagram post.

Gina Carano is free to do what she likes with her social media profiles, of course, but it just remains to be seen whether it’s in her best interests or not. For now, though, she’ll continue to appear as Cara Dune on The Mandalorian season 2, which finishes up soon on Disney Plus.

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