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Gina Carano Accuses Press of Running a Smear Campaign Against Her

By admin1
December 17,2020

Gina Carano, who plays the famous role of Cara Dune in “The Mandalorian” series is somehow similar to her on-screen character, expressing exactly how she feels. In the last few weeks, she received backlash from the fans on her thoughts related to voter fraud and Covid vaccines. Fans even went on a mission to have her fired from Disney’s most popular show. Despite these backlash form fans, her stardom has risen quickly and she still expresses her thoughts strongly.

In her recent tweets, Carano fired back at these “fans”, and hyped up her character’s return in the show’s newest episode!

Gina Carano accuses the press of running a smear campaign against her even though her stardom continues to rise. Recently, Carano became the number 2 star on the IMBD charts.

Disney hasn’t still made it clear that Carano will be the part of the Disney+ new show Rangers of the Republic.

However, Carano has gained plenty of support for her character but she continues to get the negative posts as well. Here’s a mix of the fans who stand behind her and those who are looking for her to be let go. What do you think about all of this? Let us know in the comments!




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Pedro Pascal Shows Support For Gina Carano Amidst Campaigns To Get Her Fired

Pedro Pascal has been one of the surprise emerging stars on the small screen. After breaking into the game as Oberyn Martell (RIP) on Game of Thrones, he parlayed that performance into his current role as Din Djarin or as he’s better known: The Mandalorian. But the hit Disney+ show is wrapped in a bit of controversy over comments by fellow cast member Gina Carano. Pascal, quiet up until now on the issues, has finally come forward to apparently lend support to Carano. He did so in a recent Instagram post, praising the actress as well as a recent episode.

Pedro Pascal’s use of the word “indomitable” to describe Gina Carano isn’t likely something he posted lightly. It’s wildly known that Carano is wrapped into a bit of political and societal quagmire around some of her recent social media posts. Last week, Carano posted a couple of messages that rubbed fans the wrong way.

One had to do with her aversion to wearing masks during the pandemic and another hinted at voter fraud from the recent Presidential election. Both landed like lead weights among The Mandalorian and petitions went up almost immediately calling for the actress’s ouster from the show.

That being said, even with ramped up calls for her to be removed from the cast, almost no one on The Mandalorian cast or crew had spoken up concerning the messaging. Pedro Pascal appears to be the first to lend his support to Carano in this matter with the Instagram post leaving very little room for interpretation around what he believes about her character. Sure, there are continued rumors that Disney is looking for a way to remove Carano and her Cara Dune character, but those look like only rumors right now.

For her part, Carano refused to back down from her comments, in fact even leaning the other direction and essentially doubling down on the messaging in a recent reply to fans. Whether this ends up being the death knell for a character who’d well-received and almost praised in terms of a strong female role remains to be seen.

Pedro Pascal’s post references the most recent episode of The Mandalorian, “Chapter 12: The Siege”. It was directed by Carl Weathers who also has a role as Greef Karga. That episode put the show into the news cycle again for something, well, not all that complimentary.

In one of the scenes, during a shootout with Karga and Dune, a production crew member can be seen off to the side dressed in a very non-intergalactic outfit. He’s clearly wearing blue jeans, a far cry from what we used to seeing in the space drama. It was a clear mistake in editing.

Whether Pedro Pascal’s presumed support starts other in the cast and crew to come out in *defense* of Gina Carano is anyone’s guess. But the star of the show lending some backing to a fellow castmate could cause others to feel more comfortable doing the same.

This story still very much has legs and if fans continue putting pressure on, the studio could be in a precarious situation. Having to choose between fan outrage and the current cast is a tough spot. Pedro Pascal may have just made the decision more difficult.

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