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Fan Theories For Season 2 That Might Be True

By admin1
November 12,2020

As fans, we can claim that the show, which has broken the internet and divided fans all over the globe, is yet another storyline settled in a medieval and magical timeline. Fans of The Witcher suggest that this show would even surpass the contemporary ‘Game Of Thrones’ and be the most famous series.

While the future is unknown, huge fandom has been seen for this Netflix series, and when season two is just around the corner in 2021, fans have developed multiple theories about what’s next for ‘The Witcher.’

1. Timeline will be sorted and unified

Fans of The Witcher know how complicated it can be when it comes to the show’s time premises. The show has three main characters with Geralt, Ciri, and Yeneffer, and all three have their separate timelines. However, the journey gets the same for all three as the consequences force them onto the same path at the end of the season first. So it is much likely that season two will have a single storyline with references to the origin of characters and some flashbacks and forwards in between.

2. The Storyline Will Continue In Short Bits

Being adapted from the famous polish novel and thriving on the games’ hype, The Witcher season first implemented takeaways and short storylines with the main plot during its first season. These short bits helped progressed the character development and also added charm to the grit of the story.

Showrunners seem to be fans of this style, and series fans speculate that this method will be continued in season two to emphasize the experience.

3. Vasemir Is Going To Be A Part Of Gerald’s Journey.

With the confirmation of season two featuring more witchers and focusing on Gerlad’s family and origins, this fan theory might not be too far away. Vasemir has been mentioned as the senior who trained the young witchers, including Gerald, and is like a father figure. This theory may become a reality soon as the danish actor Kim Bodnia is rumored to play the role.

4. Jaskier and Geralt Will Cross Paths Again.

Who doesn’t love a charming, fun, and lively character such as Jaskier? And that love has brought forward hopes that Jaskier will be back in the second season and have funny and entertaining interactions with Geralt. The Blood Of Elves suggests the same.

5. Talking about the Blood Of Elves, season two’s plot seems to follow the Andrzej Sapkowski’s first part of the five-book series.

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