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Eagle-Eyed Fans Catch A Continuity Error In Latest Mandalorian Episode Which Is Worse Than Game of Thrones’ Cup

By admin1
November 22,2020

The Mandalorian’s latest episode has arrived on Disney+, bringing with it some talking points that are bound to set the forums alight. Unfortunately, one of those talking points concerns a rather glaring error.

The Mandalorian’s editing team, however, must have been so enamored by the Star Wars action sequences that they overlooked a continuity error in the background of a key scene.

Even the most popular franchises make editing mistakes, but some are more noticeable than others. Game of Thrones became guilty of on-screen snafus quite a few times, especially in the eighth and final season. The most head-turning mishap came in the episode “The Last of the Starks”, which took place after the Battle of Winterfell. During the victory feast, a Starbucks cup could be seen sitting on the table directly in front of Daenerys Targaryen. The continuity error became one of the most-talked-about moments of the final season, but it also reminded viewers that everyone is human, even production teams on high-profile TV projects.

The Mandalorian now has its own Starbucks cup-level gaffe since “The Siege” left a crew member lurking in the background of an important sequence. After Din, Greef, Cara, and the Mythrol got inside the research base, they were met by a group of stormtroopers. The team succeeded in deactivating the lava cooling system so that the base would blow up. Before it was destroyed, the group learned that the Imperial remnant was doing experiments using the Child’s blood. Aside from stormtroopers, the foursome encountered scientists trying to cover up evidence. The episode featured a handful of shootouts, and in one, a crew member wearing ordinary street clothes could be found behind Greef.


The continuity error occurred around the 20:23 minute mark of “The Siege”. Greef, Cara, Din, and the Mythrol were lined up from left-to-right on-screen engaging in a shootout with the Imperial forces.

On the left side of the screen, a man in blue jeans and a t-shirt appeared standing in one of the base’s corridors. The man’s arm could be seen the most clearly as he was wearing some type of watch or wristband. Seeing as he was sort of attempting to hide off-screen, he must’ve been aware of the filming. Unfortunately, the camera angle during the action sequence still caught him.

The crew member mistake wasn’t the first on-screen error, and it certainly won’t be The Mandalorian’s last. Rather than viewer criticism, the moment should garner a nice laugh since it was an amusing mishap. With viewers trained to look for every hidden detail and Easter egg nowadays, it’s nearly impossible to get something passed those eagle-eyed fans. At least the Star Wars series didn’t give a major brand some free exposure like the case with Game of Thrones.

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