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Deadpool 3: Marvel Reportedly Taking Hands-Off Approach to Sequel

By admin1
July 17,2022

In the upcoming Deadpool 3, fan-favorite actor Ryan Reynolds will once more play the Merc with the Mouth. Although nothing is known about the movie, it is very certain that it will be set in the MCU.

This shift might be perceived as a clear change of pace for the character given that the first two Deadpool films were supposedly set in the 20th Century Fox-produced X-Men universe. Of course, in-universe, none of that will probably matter to Deadpool.

Marvel Studios is recognized for maintaining a sort of “house style” that all of its many projects must conform to in order to appear and feel like they belong in the MCU. In some ways, directors have also been required to follow the regulations, though this expectation has significantly lessened recently.

Ultimately, as long as everything turns out the way it’s intended, MCU directors have a lot of freedom in how they use the tales and actors at their disposal.

Deadpool 3’s Rhett Reese on Marvel’s Supervision

Rhett Reese, a co-writer of Deadpool 3, spoke on Marvel Studios’ lax oversight in a chat with Discussing Film, claiming the company enables them “do what we do:”

Kevin Feige & Marvel Studios Show Some Leniency

The MCU was far more structured and regulated in its early years. In reality, Marvel and Iron Man director Jon Favreau briefly fell out over the studio’s attempt to over setup The Avengers for Iron Man 2, which Favreau also directed.

This was most likely because Ike Perlmutter, who still controlled Marvel as a whole and did his utmost to make the corporation adhere to his frequently thrifty beliefs, was still in charge. What might be included in an MCU film and what had to be excluded was also largely decided by the controversial and now-disbanded Marvel creative committee.

Reese’s statement demonstrates that Marvel has relaxed its production oversight practices considerably over time. Additionally, the firm is “supportive” of filmmakers’ influence on the general course of their films.

That is not to suggest that Marvel does not nonetheless enforce the law when necessary. Recently, it came to light that Taika Waititi’s Thor: Love and Thunder were restricted to a two-hour running duration. Overall though, it seems like directors are available to play in the Marvel sandbox as long as they put all the toys back where they belong.

Deadpool 3 from Marvel Studios is presently in production but has no set release date.

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