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Britney Spears Is Sizzling Hot With Fantastic Outfits In New Mashup Video

By admin1
June 2,2022

Lately, it appears as if Britney Spears never fails to make the news. Be it her court case, or the dispute regarding her guardianship, the singer constantly stays in the buzz. But while the dust never seems to settle around her, Britney maintains her calm and continues to thrive.

On Monday, the helmer of Toxic posted a mashup video on Instagram. The video was voiced with a BLACKPINK (a K-pop girl group’s) song called “How You Like That.” The pop princess fashioned various dazzling looks in the video. Her interesting fits included a canary yellow bikini and a sheer black catsuit. Here are all the lovely outfits that she wore in the video. 

Britney Spears Fashions A Bunch Of Sexy Outfits 

This new video starts with Britney Spears dancing her heart out on a balcony. She is wearing a pair of stunning black stiletto heels as she swipes both her arms seductively to the side. The shot quickly changes to another look. The first look sees her flaunting an outfit from Pretty Little Thing. It was a beautiful cross-green emerald criss-floral minidress. This minidress showcases a low-cut neckline with a lace-up back. 

Another attractive outfit in line was a leather catsuit made of absolute black lace. Following which, Britney stole our breath away in a yellow skimpy bikini. The enchanting look took us back in time to her music video called Hit Me Baby One More Time. All that was missing was a pair of pink pom-poms, and she would have recreated the iconic look. Now that the sun’s starting to show, we could all use some summer dressing tips from popstar Britney Spears. 

Not only this, the hitmaker also revealed a pink feathery top, paired flawlessly with thigh-high socks, a mini black skirt, and some glitter boots. In her caption she said:

“I found my lace and leather catsuit this time. I’ve never worn it out anywhere cause well… where could I wear it but it’s fun to hang out in? Like I said before… I’m bored! Here’s to fashion !!!”

The Make Me songstress did not hold back with her hair as she tried various hairdos. While in some looks she sported a clean bun, others saw her hair carelessly falling down, or put half-up.

The news about Britney modeling for Pretty Little Things came as a fabulous surprise. This is because so far, we have only ever seen a few Instagram celebrities and reality show stars promote the brand. However, Britney’s inclination towards art and her love for fashion and small-scale designer brands explains why she would support the brand.

Britney Answers Fan Questions In New Video 

The latest Instagram modeling video came shortly after a heart-to-heart video that Britney shared with her followers on Friday. In the video, she expressed her gratitude towards all the people rooting for her. She said that she was incredibly happy, and that she was doing well regardless of the ongoing legal procedures and battles surrounding the conservatorship. The purpose of the Q&A sort of video was to address some of the most asked questions by people.

One common question among many was concern about Britney’s well-being. When asked if she was ‘okay’, she replied,

“I have a beautiful home, beautiful children. I’m taking a break right now because I’m enjoying myself.” 

The singer is regularly approached by her fans who wish the best for her. Her followers constantly ask her about her mental and physical health. But Britney only now spoke up about all of it in the video this Friday. It goes without saying that the elaborate and assuring video gave fans a sense of satisfaction and helped ease their worries. 

With so much time passed, we hope the matter regarding her conservatorship resolves soon enough. In the meantime, it is good to hear that she is going well amid all that blows up around her. God willing, she will continue to dazzle onscreen and in real life. 

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