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Avengers: Endgame Director Points Out Biggest Flaw With MCU Phase 4

By admin1
July 17,2022

Directors Joe and Anthony Russo hold a prominent position in the business. From this vantage point, the two have a distinctive view of trends in the sector as a whole, particularly those at their alma university.

The two still have more to say about Marvel even if they appear to be finished with the firm. The directorial team recently discussed Kevin Feige’s special skills and cues for reaction as well as the scenarios in which Marvel wrests power from creators.

In light of the current situation, the brothers had more to say about the business, especially Disney’s recent management of the Marvel brand, which has drawn criticism in the wake of Endgame.

The Russos on Disney’s Push on Marvel & IP

Anthony and Joe Russo, who are brothers, provided insight into the advancements in the industry, especially Disney’s current strategy with Marvel, during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

The directing duo answered skeptically when asked if there were wider effects of Netflix’s present financial difficulties. They said that although “they still generate billions of dollars,” “at some time, they have to start moving towards what we’re doing – bigger IP.”

The brothers continued by discussing the “enforced conservative approach” that businesses like Disney have adopted in regards to maintaining intellectual property. The MCU’s Phase 4 has experienced a drop in quality, according to many fans, and Joe Russo noted that Disney’s low-risk creative policy will significantly expand its Marvel output over the following ten years.

Is Disney Hurting Marvel’s Phase 4?

The Russo brothers’ remarks are highly informative and aid in illustrating the industry’s fluid and adaptable status. The Russos appear to be among the few well-known creatives who have embraced the move to streaming when it comes to distribution. They are at least open to fewer theatrical windows even though they may still be generating experiences for the large screen.

The tactics being used at Disney are different from this. The House of Mouse looks determined to keep the theatrical method as the primary way for its major, more financially feasible projects, even releasing some shows in cinemas for short-term runs, despite Disney+’s rapid growth.

Fans, however, have criticized this hybrid tactic for diluting their beloved franchises. Marvel Studios’ Phase 4 has seen a lot of projects launched recently (9 to be exact), and because Disney is now concentrating on both streaming and theatre, some have questioned whether this is cheapening the idea.

Disney’s obsession with IP may result in an abundance of MCU content for the foreseeable future, but many may view this as a lack of risk-taking, restricting the audacity that helped the MCU come to life in the first place.

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