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Alexandra Daddario Bends Over For Massive Thigh Gap Yoga

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March 3,2021

Alexandra Daddario is stretching beyond belief and highlighting her massive thigh gap for a big old yoga session. The 34-year-old actress and yogi, largely in the news of late for her bikini action, kept it a little more covered up ahead of the weekend, but it was body-ody-ody from the “Baywatch” bombshell as she indulged in a little pandemic home workout. Alexandra, followed by 19 million on her Instagram, has now racked up over 1.6 million views for her giant stretch, and it’s teaching the ‘Gram a few things. Check it out below

Scroll for the video. The above photo marked Daddari’s YouTube start last year, and yes, the “True Detective” star is mighty popular in a swimsuit. Daddario’s video, a zen and indoor one, showed her on a blue yoga mat amid wood flooring, solo, and kicking off with a giant salute that quickly saw the blue-eyed beauty down on her belly.

Wearing skin-tight black leggings and a loose top, the stunner reached upwards, then down, bending over and showing her massive thigh gap, also shouting out COVID in a face mask.

Rising back up, arching her back, and seeming to enter into a seriously-challenging balance pose, the actress took to her caption, merely writing: “Ritual.” The Surya Namaskar sun salutation is now getting mentioned in the comments, with the actress also called a total beauty – and don’t think she takes her yoga the usual way. The star whose Instagram is off-beat and has shown off everything from her lemon bathrobe picking to her coffee and Scabble, has actually revealed she’s considered yoga for dating.

See more photos after the video!

Speaking to Women’s Health, Daddario, who admitted considering trying Tinder, stated: “But people have recognized me and it’s embarrassing.” Her solution seemed to be yoga dates.

“I’ve gone on yoga dates with guys, which I love. They might get grossed out by me because I sweat so much, but that’s how you know if they’re a keeper.”

Lately, however, headlines have been centering around Alexandra being in Hawaii to shoot upcoming project “The White Lotus.” See her Bond girl style bikini exit below!

Daddario has been updating throughout COVID, even wearing a medical N-95 mask on the beach, something that came with amusing mentions of not wearing pants as Alexandra reflected on the reality of the pandemic

“Still haven’t worn shoes in weeks unless required for work,” she told fans, adding: “I don’t know why I own pants anymore. Or jewelry. I actually saw a pair of jeans in my luggage and wasn’t sure what they were. Decided to put them on, and honestly, why did we ever wear those things in the first place?”

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