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10 Hilarious I Have Spoken Memes You Would Love

By admin1
February 10,2021

A beloved fan-favorite, Kuiil won the hearts of The Mandalorian viewers everywhere through his gruff, yet kind nature, along with one special line: “I have spoken.” While Kuiiil was sadly murdered by remnant Imperial forces in “The Reckoning,” he has since been immortalized in the minds of Star Wars fans.

Kuiil’s catchphrase, in particular, has been a great source of memory, due to how effectively it summed up the character’s demeanour and personality. While not really one for jokes, Kuiil just might have approved of some of the hilarious and inventive “I have spoken” memes out there.

The Jedi Has Spoken

The Mandalorian may be set decades after The Phantom Menace, but thanks to the magic of photo editing, even the first of the Star Wars prequels can get in on the meme fun. The original scene has Qui-Gon Jin saying to Anakin Skywalker, “Stay in the cockpit,” but substituting it with Kuiil’s line (and face) comes off as much more definitive; even the future Darth Vader might think twice before defying the Ugnaught’s order.

Not that Anakin technically disobeyed Qui-Gon in the first place—after all, he was in the cockpit the whole time he accidentally flew the ship.

Just One More Thing

Kuiil may not have been quite as quiet as Boba Fett or Din Djarin, but he also was a person who wasted few words. Here he takes that to a new level, choosing to forgo speaking entirely… with the exception of his most famous catchphrase, of course.

It looks like Kuiil couldn’t keep his promise to stay silent without leaving room for “I have spoken”: not uttering it for him would be like submitting a contract without a signature. Hopefully, no one would interpret the meme as an example of the typically honest Kuiil going back on his word…

Distracting Mandalorian

Kuiil’s “I have spoken” very quickly became a fan-favorite quote after The Mandalorian’s first episode. However, by episode three, another line from the series threatened to overtake its popularity: “This is the way.”

Even the Distracted Boyfriend seems to have forgotten about poor Kuiil’s favorite catchphrase, wooed instead by the famous refrain of Din Djarin and his fellow Children of the Watch. Cool as Kuiil may be, it is hard to compete with somebody wearing cool armor who is backed by a religious sect and just became the new leader of Mandalore.

Meme Wars

As the earlier Distracted Boyfriend meme made clear, there are two phrases from The Mandalorian fighting for the crown of ultimate memeage: “I have spoken” and “This is the way.” This entry takes the war to a whole new level by combining the American Chopper Argument, the Picard Facepalm and Woman Yelling At A Cat memes, all while derailing the whole debate by inserting Battlestar Galactica’s most famous line into the conversation.

Picard’s frustration makes it all the more hilarious, although one can’t help but wonder if he could have thrown his own famous catchphrase, “Make it so,” into the mix…

You Know What They Say About First [Episode] Impressions

Praise for The Mandalorian has been effusive since the series made its premiere. This meme pokes fun at people who perhaps seemed overeager to label the show as the best of Star Wars since the original trilogy, using Kuiil’s trademark line for emphasis. Two seasons in, of course, fans have a better idea of whether that first snap judgment was right or not.

Suffice to say that Kuiil has clearly made his mind up already. Of course, one could also interpret that statement chronologically, as The Mandalorian is the TV show set closest to the ending of Return of the Jedi (so far).

Mandalorian Wars

Rather than yelling at a cat, the meme version of Taylor Armstrong sets her sight on everyone’s favorite Ugnaught, singing the praises of the two most famous men in Mandalorian armor who came before Din Djarin.

Yet Kuiil, ever resolute, clearly shows no signs of changing his opinion: in his view, his friend Din is the best. At the very least Din and Boba have become friends on the show, meaning their rivalry now solely exists in the eyes of the fans. It’s a good thing nobody brought Jodo Kast into this.

Meme Team-Up

Can’t decide if you like “I have spoken or “This is the way” better? Why not try both? That certainly looks like the solution Din’s chosen in this meme, where it seems he’s just as fond of saying Kuiil’s signature line as he is of uttering his own.

Both lines do have a similar, almost religious-like quality, with Kuiil’s resembling classic Christian expressions like “So says the Lord,” while “the Way” is a term that often appears in the Bible, and is also what certain sects of Christianity have called themselves.

I Have Spoken Dads meme

Kuiil would probably have made a fairly decent father, based on the kindness he showed Grogu and Din Djarin. While we may never know for sure, at least this meme suggests that he’s had an impact on dads everywhere, making reprimanding children seem just a little bit cooler.

Sure, their kids still might not view them as Kuiil, but peppering lines from The Mandalorian into their everyday vocabulary is bound to earn dads of Star Wars fans a few brownie points… and maybe make disciplining go down a little more smoothly than usual.

Kuiil Uncaged

While Nicolas Cage isn’t particularly fond of the “Cage Rage” memes his unique acting style inspired, there’s no denying they can serve as great humor fuel, especially when paired with a certain fan favorite character from The Mandalorian. Part of what makes this particular meme work so well is that Kuiil isn’t shown saying “I have spoken”: instead, it’s merely implied, yet it’s clear that’s exactly what “Cage” is responding to.

Given how the Cage drawing is inspired by Vampire’s Kiss, Kuiil may want to tighten his scarf for safety… and maybe even stick a hearty chunk of beskar beneath it.

A Star [War] In Springfield

If there’s one thing more meta than being in a meme about your catchphrase, it’s being in a television episode that lampoons catchphrases on the whole as a concept. Kuiil stands in for Bart Simpson in The Simpsons’ “Bart Gets Famous,” where Springfield’s notorious troublemaker briefly becomes a celebrity for unintentionally turning “I didn’t do it” into his TV catchphrase.

The meme places Kuiil at the height of Bart’s stardom, where his entire classroom refuses to start learning until Bart/Kuiil utters the line that made him a star. While Springfield viewers eventually tired of Bart’s catchphrase, Kuiil’s line continues to delight The Mandalorian viewers.

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